Detailed Assessments for Children and Adolescents

Welcome to Steps and Stones Psychology, a place where understanding and nurturing young minds is our utmost priority. Our approach is anchored in compassion, expertise, and a deep commitment to supporting each unique journey towards mental well-being.

We believe in the power of early intervention and precise evaluation. We are here to guide you with clarity and care, from the initial consultation to the detailed assessment results.

Discover a space where each child’s potential is recognised and nurtured, and where families can find the understanding and guidance they need. Located in the heart of the Adelaide Foothills, we are dedicated to providing psychological assessments and insightful recommendations for children. Learn more about our services, our philosophy, and how we can assist in fostering a brighter future for your child. 

About Us

Bronte Timoshanko: Registered Psychologist

Hello, I’m Bronte Timoshanko, a registered psychologist and qualified social worker at Steps and Stones Psychology. Educated at the University of Adelaide, Monash University, and Flinders University my focus is centered around creating comprehensive and insightful evaluations for young minds.

My professional experience has been focused on understanding the intricate dynamics of child development and mental health. I am deeply committed to applying my knowledge to assist in accurately identifying the cognitive and emotional needs of children. This understanding allows me to provide thorough assessments and meaningful recommendations to families seeking guidance.

At Steps and Stones, my approach is rooted in the latest evidence-based research, ensuring that each assessment is both scientifically grounded and tailored to the individual child. My goal is to offer a clear path for each child’s developmental journey, providing families with the clarity and support they need.

Outside of my professional role, I engage in activities that enrich my understanding of human experiences, such as reading and enjoying nature. These pursuits complement my commitment to helping every child we assess find their path to growth and well-being.

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Our Philosophy

At Steps and Stones, we believe that every child holds a unique world of potential. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that each child’s developmental journey is distinct, and it’s our mission to illuminate their path with insight and compassion.

We adhere to a holistic approach, recognising that a child’s well-being is influenced by a complex interplay of cognitive, emotional, and social factors. Our assessments are not just about identifying challenges; they are about discovering strengths and opportunities for growth.

Our commitment extends to the families as well. We understand that supporting a child means engaging with the family, providing them with comprehensive insights, and empowering them with actionable recommendations. This collaborative approach ensures that the pathway we chart for each child is not only informed by expertise but also by empathy and understanding.

We are committed to enhancing children’s mental health and well-being through detailed assessments and a strong dedication to their development. We believe in understanding each child’s unique needs to foster a future where every child can succeed.

Our Services

At Steps and Stones, we offer custom assessments to meet the varied needs of children with care and professionalism, providing families and children with beneficial insights for informed decisions and future planning.

Intellectual Discovery

Our intellectual discovery service, focusing on cognitive assessments, uncovers your child's intellectual strengths and areas for development, paving the way for their optimal growth and learning potential.

Learning Insights

Learning insights, including educational psychology assessments, identify your child's unique learning style and difficulties, crucial for customising strategies that enhance and enrich their educational journey.

Capability Analysis

Our comprehensive functional capacity assessments evaluate your child's abilities in academic, emotional, social, and physical domains, providing essential support for interventions and highlighting strengths to ensure balanced development and growth.

Behavioural Understanding

Our behavioural understanding, including ADHD assessment, delves into your child's emotions, adaptability, and social skills, offering tailored insights for support. This approach nurtures their well-being and addresses specific needs, promoting personalised care.

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